Material exploration guides the Maharam design studio’s latest introduction of textiles embracing structural ingenuity across a marbled piece-dye, dimensional matelasse, sporty knit, and hand-knotted rug. The grouping is complemented by a collaboration between artist Miranda Lichtenstein and Maharam Digital Projects.

Deepening our ongoing effort to reduce environmental impact, upholsteries Cumulus and Hive comprise 100% rapidly degradable post-consumer recycled polyester which degrades at a rate comparable to natural wool through the addition of a biopolymer catalyst.

Cumulus’s intricate duotone surface offers high abrasion, bleach cleanability, and acoustical properties while Hive’s hexagonal matelasse is plush, lightweight, and bleach-cleanable.

Woven at an Italian resource specializing in technical apparel, Flex embodies Maharam’s investigation of nontraditional textile production methods.

The design studio sought a subtly dimensional knit and engineered a layered construction that balances athletic brights with even reveals of neutral ground.

Macrame-like techniques serve as the starting point for Clove, a hand-knotted rug whose braided cord of pure wool over recycled fibers offers a textural and durable surface.

An irregularly tousled fringe and earthy palette balance Clove’s graphic rosettes.

Generator, Maharam Digital Projects’ most recent collaboration with Miranda Lichtenstein, presents the Brooklyn-based artist’s photographic abstractions of layered paper at large scale.

By repeatedly scanning, printing, and cropping her image files, Lichtenstein employs both analog and digital processes to emphasize sculptural form within a two-dimensional surface.

Part of the MillerKnoll collective