February 2023 marks the culmination of Maharam’s efforts to eliminate PFAS along with our first rapidly degradable post-consumer recycled polyester. A large-scale woven pattern designed in collaboration with Paul Smith reimagines traditional checker through intricate color blending.

PFAS are a class of chemicals used in a variety of consumer and industrial products including on textiles as stain repellent treatments. Proven to pose serious risks to human and environmental health, PFAS have been widely studied and are now the subject of increasing awareness and legislation.

Informed by a decade of research with third parties including Harvard University’s Office of Sustainability and the Green Science Policy Institute, Maharam has objectively evaluated the efficacy of PFAS as a stain repellent and opted to proactively eliminate PFAS from both existing and upcoming textiles. As of this year, all new products will be PFAS-free.

Canopy is the first of four textiles Maharam will introduce in 2023 comprising 100% rapidly degradable post-consumer recycled polyester.

Through the addition of a biopolymer catalyst, this fiber offers accelerated degradation comparable to natural wool—between three and five years.

A study in color blocking, woven upholstery Prism references a pixelated image of a checkered textile featured in a Paul Smith womenswear collection.

Smith worked with the Maharam Design Studio to develop a construction that would allow for a kaleidoscopic range within each colorway.

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