A new textile collaboration with American multimedia artist Jacob Hashimoto translates his three-dimensional installations to two woven upholsteries, Beyond and Midair. Two rugs designed with longtime Maharam collaborator Hella Jongerius, Jetty and Chorus, explore traditional weaving techniques and natural materials.

Through densely layered compositions using techniques from both painting and sculpture, New York-based artist Jacob Hashimoto creates an expansive sense of space, pattern, light, and motion.

The design studio has collaborated with Hashimoto as part of Maharam Digital Projects since 2011 with Silent Rhythm (2011) and The Long Passage Towards Night (2012).

Beyond is a woven textile that references Hashimoto’s installations built from modular components such as handmade rice paper and bamboo kites.

An intricate construction offers exceptional depth and layering of kite motifs of assorted size, pattern, and transparency for kinetic impact.

Midair is a complex woven construction that features a spacious network of kites suspended from one another for a sense of depth and animation.

Semi-transparent kite motifs throughout the composition overlap and blend with nineteen distinct graphic patterns with ceramic, digital, and botanical references.

Jetty and Chorus are handwoven rugs based on Hella Jongerius’s experiments with color while weaving with a digital jacquard loom.

Jetty’s overlapping fields of color create nuanced tonal mixing that Jongerius describes as “painting” with yarn.

Continuing the Dutch designer’s interest in industrial and artisanal processes, Jetty’s handwoven construction enables sophisticated transitions between bright and soft tones.

An interpretation of a colorful tweed, Chorus explores weaving with yarns of irregular weights to achieve dimensional color mixing.

A painterly melange handwoven with New Zealand wool, Chorus’s dense warp yarns create tactile fringe at two ends.

Slim yarns in contrasting and complementary tones embrace the inherent variation of weaving with yarns of different scales.

Part of the MillerKnoll collective