Lively upholsteries and rugs reflect our interests in collaboration and innovative applications of color and pattern. Bertjan Pot brings his material and technical experimentation to two vivid rugs—our first rugs designed for indoor and outdoor use—and Paul Smith applies his chromatic reinterpretations of tailored motifs to two new indoor/outdoor upholsteries. An expressive addition to Maharam Wool embraces the variegation of natural fibers for reduced environmental impact.

Guided by a fascination with technique and structure, Dutch industrial designer Bertjan Pot uses simple components and processes to create intricate objects including lights, masks, furniture, and textiles.

Working from his studio in Rotterdam, Pot’s design process often begins with tactile material experimentation: “When I work, I want my hand to surprise my head.”

Heralded by a series of upholsteries and rugs—Twist, Shake, Hustle, and Floss—Pot’s collaboration with the design studio has explored repetitive, fundamental techniques to derive pattern from structure.

Our first rugs designed for indoor and outdoor application, Pop and Groove enlist multicolor technical rope to create uniquely striated pattern.

Extending a stitching technique Pot developed for his rope masks, gloves, and other forms, Pop comprises a continuous coil of patterned rope for animated color mixing.

Groove reimagines traditional macrame knotting across a vibrant indoor/outdoor rug.

Bicolor ropes are hand-knotted to form the rug’s checkered pattern and exaggerated texture.

Continuing our collaboration with Paul Smith of reinterpreting tailored motifs, Stepped Plaid’s densely arranged ribbons of color offer a twist on traditional plaid.

Intersecting bands of idiosyncratic color combinations converge into a lively check designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Unexpected chromatic arrangements comprise Ladder Stripe’s reframing of the classic stripe.

Slim horizontal stripes stack in vertical bands of random widths to create a sense of movement, emphasized by collegiate and mineral color arrangements.

Slubbed yarns of recycled polyester are woven with a fine yarn to create a gridded, matte surface reminiscent of needlepoint.

A new addition to Maharam’s foundational wool offering, Rowan embraces the variegation of linen and acrylic combed into wool yarn.

For reduced environmental impact, Rowan is woven and pressed at the same resource where the yarns are combed and spun, using 100% renewable energy.

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