November’s introduction reflects the studio’s interdisciplinary curiosity across a range of surfaces for interiors including a dimensional wool upholstery, a woven pattern that originated as a watercolor painting, a dense boucle for indoor and outdoor application, and our latest Maharam Digital Projects collaboration with artist James Hoff.

Celebrating the tactility and nuance of wool, Isa is a small-scale pindot with a substantial hand.

Woven at an ISO 14001 and 9001-certified facility for reduced environmental impact, Isa’s precise tritone construction offers refined tonal mixing.

Initially developed by the design studio as a watercolor painting, Tessera’s rounded geometric motifs overlap and disperse to form an expansive repeat.

An intricate, bleach cleanable construction enables layered color mixing on neutral and tonal grounds.

A downy boucle texture with a residential feel, Gale extends Maharam’s offering of textiles suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

Bleach cleanable and lightfast, Gale’s neutral tones evoke the natural look of fleece, while bolder hues emphasize textural depth and density.

Skywiper 137 is Maharam Digital Projects’ second collaboration with James Hoff, a New York-based artist whose work explores the complexity of mass communication.

The colorfully striated composition, available on durable cellulose and glass film substrates, was created by infecting a photograph with a computer virus to build contrast and visual textures.

Part of the MillerKnoll collective